July 13, 2009

Subject: Testimonial

Dear Madam or Sir,

Last week, Sylvie told me that she had become an officially accredited coach. I congratulated her as she always does when I achieve my objectives. We have been working together for several months to develop my ability to get in touch with who I am and what my needs are so that I can set attainable objectives and use suitable strategies.

With Sylvie's help, I have taken concrete measures to re-orient my career and follow the right path. Sylvie was very resourceful and introduced several techniques that enable me to focus on what personally mattered most. She respectfully and humorously explored my desire for change and made me aware of my limits.

She regularly asked how I felt about the decisions I was taking. She concluded by revisiting what I had learned. I quickly understood that I had to have confidence in my intuition as I was re-orienting myself. As someone who thinks with her head, it was a big challenge!

Based on an agreement after a call, Sylvie made me apply the strategies we had discussed: complete an assignment, work on a goal. This week, I played around with completing tasks rapidly and then took the time to assess my satisfaction regarding a specific task. I felt I need to step back a little. I was planning on writing a couple of sentences expression my appreciation for Sylvie's work, but I got carried away in my enthusiasm. I am very aware of the work Sylvie has accomplished in coaching me. She knew how to give me a sense of well-being and the satisfaction of calmly orienting my new career toward goals I consider important.

Thank you, Sylvie!

Sophie Beaulieu