Objectives :

The course will enable you to understand the full meaning of leadership and see the leadership potential in yourself and others. It will allow you to recognize and facilitate the fundamental transformations in today's organizations and leaders.

More specifically, after attending this seminar, you should be able to:

• Recognize social and economic pressure for change in today's
• Identify psychological impact of change and a leader's role within a context of
• Implement the eight-stage model of planned
• Develop the necessary interpersonal skills in dealing with pockets of resistance to change in such a way as to enable change and comfort within the
• Identify leadership styles in oneself and identify areas for improvement and
• Construct teams, diagnose existing teams and improve team
• Act as a communication champion rather than just as an information
• Use key elements of effective listening and understand why listening is important to leader
• Use communication feedback and realize its importance in leadership